Monday, 6 December 2010

Labour should think again about massive charges to elderly and vulnerable.

300 % rise in charges to elderly and vulnerable.
Liverpool Liberal Democrats are calling on the City Council's Labour administration to think again after the Cabinet said people would have to pay 300% more for transport to get to day care centres.
Labour want to charge people who use day care services for the transport to and from the centres.
Plans to introduce the fees have been halted after Lib Dems on the Council "called in" the controversial proposals.
Now a special meeting on Thursday 9th December will look at whether Labour is right to insist people pay 300% more.
Says opposition spokesperson Cllr Ron Gould:
"For many vulnerable people who use day centres, the transport to and from the building is essential.  Without it they may be left staring at their four walls. Yet Labour want these people to find additional money to even get to where the services are.
It is true that when we were in power the Lib Dems were presented with this as an option. We decided not to do it as it would hit those who can least afford it. I am now calling on the Labour Cabinet member and Labour administration to think again on this."
Warren Bradley commented, "Only last week the Council were exposed as having over £88m in reserve for a 'rainy day', this is a weather warning, the 'rainy day' has arrived, a fraction of this money should be used to help with transport costs for the most needy. The Labour Council want to implement this from the 1st January, it seems Scrooge is alive and kicking in Liverpool."

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