Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Get tougher on dog fouling say Lib Dem Councillors - 19 Jan meeting.

Liberal Democrat Councillors for Greenbank ward, Paul Clein, Jan Clein and Elaine Allen, are calling on Liverpool City Council to be tougher when it comes to fining people who allow their dogs to foul the pavement.

The three Lib Dems have submitted a motion calling for higher charges to the City Council's meeting next week (19th Jan)

The text of the motion is below

(text begins)

That this Council notes that the fixed penalty charge for illegal dog fouling in Liverpool is currently £50. Council notes that this is relatively low compared to other similar local authorities. Council therefore asks the Cabinet Member for Community Safety to consider increasing the level of this charge by a significant amount in the coming budget to (a) try to discourage such actions by some dog owners and (b) to apply any subsequent increased revenue from this source to finance increased enforcement action on dog fouling by Council officers.

(text ends)