Wednesday, 16 March 2011

More than a hundred thousand in Liverpool pay less tax thanks to Lib Dems

Income tax changes coming into effect next month will mean nearly 175,000 Liverpool residents will pay less tax.

One of the four main goals in the Lib Dem General Election manifesto was to take low earners out of tax.  The aim, is to move the tax threshold up so that no one earning less than 10,000 pays any income tax at all.

A first step was taken in the last Co alition Government budget with the tax threshold being lifted this April so that the very lowest earners get out of income tax and many many more see their tax decrease.

In Liverpool this April an estimated nearly 6,000 people will be taken out of income tax altogether.  A further 168,000 will see their tax bill reduced.

When the £10,000 objective is reached, the number of people in Liverpool being taken out of income tax will be an estimated 24,840.

Says Lib Dem spokesperson Paula Keaveney : "One of our key aims has been to lift the lowest earners out of tax and give them back some of their own money.  I'm delighted that a first step has been taken towards our £10,000 goal"