Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Liverpool Lib Dems cry foul over plans to axe support for most needy - 26th April

Councillor Flo Clucas cries 'Foul' over plans to axe support for 1,400 of Liverpool's most needy.

Liverpool's Acting Liberal Democrat leader Flo Clucas slammed as a ‘foul’ a decision to hold two crucial public meetings over social care on the eve of local council elections.

The two 'limited places' meetings will take place at Liverpool FC's Anfield Stadium on May 4 – the day before the council elections.

As part of a money-saving exercise the Labour-controlled council wants to withdraw 'moderate' social service support currently offered to around 1,400 people.

Said Councillor Clucas: “I re-affirm my commitment to the provision of moderate social care to those who need it. If these people need this support today, they need it tomorrow, next week and next month. You just cannot pull the plug on this vital service currently offered to people who are among the most vulnerable in our city. Yet Labour is planning to pull that plug.

The two biggest spending departments of the council are education and social services, and that's because they are the cornerstone of local government. I know we face a tough financial challenge, but we cannot abandon our most needy and vulnerable. The Liberal Democrats have fought for years to maintain proper care for the elderly and those who need it. Ending moderate care provision is fundamentally and morally wrong.

This 'moderate' care includes attendance at day centres which will be lost if moderate care provision is abandoned. Those visits are a crucial lifeline.”

Councillor Clucas described as a sham, the decision to stage these two public meetings on the eve of the council elections.

Councillor Ron Gould, Opposition spokesman on Social Care said: “The benefits of moderate care cannot be underestimated, affecting many hundreds of families. The council should use money it is holding in reserves, reported to be some £122 million, to protect this most precious service to our most vulnerable people “

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