Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Lib Dems Call for the end to the aggressive marketing of electronic cigarettes.

Lib Dem shadow spokesperson for Health, Cllr Tina Gould has called for the aggressive selling of electronic cigarettes to be banned.

The Liberal Democrats who led the national campaign for a ban on smoking in public places is now calling for a clamp down on electronic cigarettes.

Said Councillor Gould: ‘There is no proof that these substitute cigarettes are harmful, however they do continue to promote smoking as a habit’.

 “The aggressive selling of these devices and seeming lack of regulation of this market is major cause for concern’.

‘I believe that the promotion of electronic cigarettes is undermining the excellent work done by former exec member for health Cllr Gould together with the council’s partners in healthcare to reduce smoking and promote better life chances in Liverpool .’

‘I would urge this City Council to launch as a matter of urgency a campaign to end the hard sale of these devices and to promote instead smoking cessation methods for Liverpool residents.

‘The health effects of this product as yet unknown however I believe we should listen to our health professionals and take steps now to tackle this problem and protect residents targeted by the marketing of these devices’.

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