Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Statement on the Liverpool Riots

Liverpool Liberal Democrats were shocked and saddened at the actions of a minority who took part in the riot in South Liverpool overnight. 

The actions involved were nothing short of criminal and it is hard to see what if anything could be gained by what they did. 

The real Liverpool however was clearly visible this morning when communities spontaneously arranged clean ups and showed real support for each other.

We are concerned that reports are saying that children as young as ten were involved or were close by.  It's really important that parents make sure that they know where their children are and make sure they are not out putting themselves in danger.

The police and emergency services deserve real praise for their actions in attemping to deal with the events last night.  The police put themselves at risk in some cases.  We too often take the emergency services' work for granted and it's important that we don't do this.

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