Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Council papers show Pupil Premium will benefit Liverpool.

In the run up to the Liverpool City Council budget setting, there has been much debate about the effect of the new "Pupil Premium". 

The Premium involves extra money per pupil for schools where the pupil is either on Free School meals, is a looked after child or a child with parents in the services (armed forces)

Labour Councillors claimed that the Premium would actually leave Liverpool children worse off.

But papers published by the Labour Council ahead of the budget setting next month appear to tell a different story.

Says Lib Dem Councillor Paul Clein, chair of the Finance Select Committee and a former Executive Member for education and schools

"Figures released in a public document by Liverpool's Labour Council have clarified what will be the likely effect for Liverpool schools of the coalition government's new Pupil Premium funding . The Medium Term Financial Plan update says that Liverpool's Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG) will contain an extra £3.5 million in 2011/12 because of the Pupil Premium. This money is targetted directly at children on free schools meals and means schools will get an extra £430 for each such pupil."

The documents are published as part of the budget setting and area available on the City Council's website at http://www.liverpool.gov.uk/

The Pupil Premium, designed to give extra funding for children from deprived areas, was one of the four main planks of the Liberal Democrat manfesto at last year's General Election.  It was also a core part of the agreement negotiated as part of the Coalition arrangements.

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