Thursday, 10 February 2011

Success for Lib Dem Councillors on dog fouling fines

The City Council looks set to increase the fines for dog fouling following pressure from Greenbank ward Lib Dems, Paul Clein, Jan Clein and Elaine Allen.

The Lib Dem Councillors submitted a motion to the last City Council meeting calling for the fines to be increased. 

Now a report to the environment select committee last night (9th Feb) has made it clear that this advice is being followed and that Council officers are considering an increase to £80.00

According to the most recent figures, which lag a little behind the current date, Liverpool hands out more dog fouling fines than other Councils - a testament to the determination of the previous administration.  However dog fouling is still a major source of complaint and its clear that there is more to be done.

It's hoped that the increase in fines will be one further move in tackling this behaviour by selfish dog owners who refuse to clean up after their pets.

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